Yan Jun

by Maghiel van Crevel

Yan Jun 颜峻 (1973) lived in Lanzhou, where he studied Chinese at the Northwest Normal University and worked as an editor, until he moved to Beijing in 1999. He has since become a central figure in the underground [地下] or unofficial [非官方] music scene: as critic, publisher and artist. He has also made himself heard in poetry, as contributing editor of the unofficial journal Writing [書], and as author of Infrasonic Sound [次声波], a selection of his poetry from 1991 to 2000.

On 8 April 2003, Yan Jun gave a poetry recital in Beijing, accompanied by audio and video artists. Maghiel van Crevel’s review of the event, followed by a translation of Yan’s "Against All Organized Deception", has appeared in the 'Publications' section (2003) of the Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC) online resource center, and in Het trage vuur # 30 (2005). The MCLC publication includes audio recordings as well as the (written) Chinese originals of poems from the recital. Meanwhile, together with audio and video artists FM3 and Wu Quan 武权, Yan Jun has brought out a CD entitled Sub Jam 012 (no date, some time in 2003 or 2004) based on the original live recordings. Sub Jam is an independent label.

Yan Jun has kindly allowed online availability of this material in the Leiden DACHS poetry chapter (see Contents, below).